Project Description

Changes call for innovation, and innovation lead to progress

Enviroeye was appointed as Energy Efficiency Design (EED) Expert to undertake the design project in order to define innovative solutions, to achieve a low energy buildling.

Irish Country Meats is the specialist sheep meat processing division of Slaney Foods, a subsidiary of the Linden Food Group – a combined business which represents significant scale in beef and lamb processing on the island of Ireland.

Challenge and Analyse

Sustainability does not happen by accident, it must be set as a target right from the design stage and carefully managed throughout the build process. The results from this project shows that it can act to “Lead” the way in demonstration of feasible design options.

Feasible design options can be achieved by Challenging and Analysing the “Norms”. The design team then set about putting in place a detailed roadmap to achieve the target, the methodology chosen was EXEED. This step in the EXEED methodology highlighted the opportunity for “Free Cooling” thus integrating smart window opening with ceiling HVAC units. Tenants have the option to use increased “Free Cooling” if they wish txo beat their target. This has been active at the “Hatch Lab” being run by Wexford County Council in the building. Additional investment in fabric, systems and metering was required to reach the target. The metering system provides for detailed measurement of energy used by each significant energy user(SEU)

Actual building energy consumption is being monitored by the energy team for each tenant and by design team, with Enviroeye providing coordination and support as required.

Project Outcome

The project set targets from the onset, The target is to achieve 78% reduction on primary energy and Co2 above baseline(Part L 2008). The energy result being achieved translates into 1,121,678 kWh’s of primary energy (105,818 lit of Oil) and 268 Tonnes of Co2 per year for every year into the future

It is evident from the data that HVAC cooling remained low during the hot months of June, July & August 2018. This “Free Cooling” concept is leading the way in optimizing HVAC system & controls to local Irish weather conditions.

Irish weather conditions allow for natural cooling and achieves excellent results with integrated design, to facilitate this the building has its own weather station on the roof that signals to building users when “Free Cooling” is available

Achieved outcome in the building includes:

  • State-of-the-art design and build process

  • Free Cooling technology

  • Solar PV systems.

  • Cloud-based metering system


Primary Energy Savings 22%
Carbon Emissions Reduced 25%
OPEX Savings 28%
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