Carton Bros is the name of the company that produce Manor Farm chicken. It is one of the oldest family companies in the country and dates back to 1775 when it was first born in the very heart of trading in the Dublin Markets.

Project Background

Senior management at Carton Bros. wished to coordinate & encourage greater efficiency among all its farmer suppliers, breeders & growers. We believe this project is good value for money (Overall ROI in the region of 30%) and provides for much needed employment (3,500 man days). A highly experienced team were put together to implement the project in a timely & efficient manner. Table 1 below shows how combined packages of Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) were implemented.

The Project objectives were as follows

1. To reduce energy consumption by over 25% for Electricity & 14% for Thermal

2. To reduce carbon footprint in chicken production by over 1,500 tonnes annually

3. To create employment –Over 3,500 man days created by project in external employment

4. To demonstrate “NEW Technology” approaches for Heating & Ventilation with M&T systems to show performance. Examine options to encourage sustainable supply of future energy needs(Biomass & Solar PV)

5. To increase awareness of energy consumption in complete supply chain, introduce new energy performance indicators

Broiler production across Monaghan & Cavan comprises of 120 independent growers, the average site has 3 broiler houses. Broiler chicken production is in the region of 32 million broilers per year. The combined spend on fossil fuel across all growers is in the region of €5.2 million The primary motivation to undertake this project was to implement measures to reduce the cost of production. The main discussion points from the onset were reducing inputs (Energy) while at the same time looking for technologies to increase outputs (Feed to weight conversion / Egg hatchability).


Project Overview

Fabric – Implementation of Insulation for Knee Walls. Annual Thermal Energy savings of 8,500 kWh per chicken house.

Lighting Implementation of Annual Electrical Energy savings of 15,500 kWh. 

Lux before = 12. 

Lux after = 25.

Heating – Implementation of Biomass Heating (wood and chicken litter) and Gasification resulting in an Annual Co2 reduction of 80% , 50 T of reduced emissions per chicken house per year.


Overall the awareness & collaboration throughout the project has increased the sharing of information within the farmer producer group and with the processor Carton Bros. The verification of results from the new technologies being trailed were independently analysed and accessed by Enviroeye Consulting Engineers.

Other Innovative Aspects:

  1. Clustering of over 86 sites
  2. Procurement-Tendering to suppliers of technology solutions
  3. Implementation approach- To ensure quality of delivery, approved suppliers, central coordination & supervision of works
  4. Technologies- New application of the technologies listed to particular industry sector in Ireland
  5. Analysis- M&T of “Demonstration Houses” to provide valuable information for the whole sector in Ireland. There was a noticeable lack of field “Performance” data available for the sector in Ireland.